Top End NAIDOC 2015

Artist of the Year

We all stand on sacred ground: Learn, Respect & Celebrate

Darwin, Northern Territory

The NAIDOC Awards are an opportunity to recognise our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, scholars, sportspeople, elders, community members and much more.  This year I was selected as a finalist and invited to attend Top End NAIDOC 2015 Ball.  Darwin’s Sky City Pavilion is where Top End NAIDOC’s Ball took place. 

To my surprise I won Top End NAIDOC’s Artist of the year award.  I am grateful to be the recipient of this award and to be a recognised achiever in the art industry with a passion in advocacy. 

The award included sponsored gifts from Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation. 

What a great way to celebrate the end of NAIDOC week! 

Photo on the Right: Natasha Lloyd
Recieving Top End NAIDOC 2015 Artist of the Year Award












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Winning entry in the David Blanasi Art Prize 2009

Barunga Festival

Each year my husband and I take
our daughters to the festival. It is worth the drive.

Title: Gurlibil Returning Home
Medium: Acrylic paints on canvas
Painted by Natasha Parriman Lloyd

Gurlibil Returning Home Story:

This painting is of my totem the green back sea turtle which we call "Gurlibil" in Yawuru language. In this painting the turtles are on a journey where they travel back to the place they were born. The turtles in this painting represent my three daughters and myself. When we return back to our country we are able to heal, feel strong and are able carry on our traditional cultural practices. The design in the background represents the reef which lays under the shallow rippled saltwater. It is the saltwater country north of Broome called Nudagun Springs where I tell this story from.

Right: Map of Barunga

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Gurlibil Tracks

Exhibition 2010

Harndorf Academy


This was my first solo exhibtion out of the
Northern Territory. Little did I know about chilli weather in hills of Hardorf (Adelaide, S.A) the experience was great. With this exhibition it was planned in the winter time. So not that many tourist were around to share my cultural knowledges with. This is a learning curb and I am hoping that next time I plan to exhibit in another town when it is at its busiest.


Right: Green Back Sea Turtle Painting Displayed at
Harndorf Academy During the Gurlibil Tracks
Exhibition, 2010.












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Pindan Art

Exhibition 2007

Located at Read Back
Book Exchanges

Pindan Art Exhibition

Pindan Art Exhibition involved 3 generations of family members art work, designs and cultural stories. It was a very successfull exhibition.



Exhibition 2005

Coomalie Cultural Centre


This was my first solo art exhibition ever. Many people bought the equisit art pieces after the exhibition took place. Making it a successful exhibition.

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