Natasha Parriman Lloyd's

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Natasha is an Aboriginal Artist

that was born in Darwin 1979.  Natasha is a descendant of the Yawuru tribe (Broome, W.A), Jabirr Jabirr tribe (James Price Point, W.A), Yamatji tribe (North Hampton, W.A) and Noongar tribe (Moora, W.A).  Her Totem is the green back sea turtle. 

Coming from a strong cultural back ground, Natasha began painting as a child.  Sitting down with her mother Faye Parriman (Anderson/Slater) a Yamatji and Noongar lady, they would paint their bush tucker hunting stories on artefacts that her father would make from native trees. 

Natasha’s father Kevin Parriman (aka

Dixon) of the Yawuru and Jabirr Jabirr tribes of Western Kimberley is a traditional hunter and gatherer that makes his own traditional hunting and gathering tools.

Traditionally Natasha’s family and ancestors carved and decorated artefacts such as ceremonial pieces, hunting tools, boomerangs, clapping sticks, sea shells and boab nuts which were naturally resourced from their flora and fauna of their traditional land.

They used traditional methods and designs of lines, dots, scenic, bird’s eye view, x-ray, symbols, tracks and self-portraits of plants, animals and

people who hold significant meaning about culture to them.  Natural dyes and ochre pigments were found in and along the coastlines of their country.

Today Natasha shares her stories of cultural knowledge in an art medium that naturally comes to her of acrylic paints on canvas.  Her unique style and designs used throughout her art work reflects both diversities of the saltwater and desert cultures.

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