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I love painting and sharing stories about my good times in country.

Left : Photo of my daughter Jess with her face painted for NAIDOC DAY.


Art plays a major role in the existence, survival and identity within the Aboriginal culture which connects us spiritually and geographically.  The designs, patterns, craftworks and craftsmanship can vary from tribe to tribe as their natural environments, cultural behaviours, beliefs and values do.  It is important to understand this as it will help guide you through the different products, mediums, materials, designs, patterns, symbols and styles you may find used throughout the Aboriginal Art Industry.  This means that the messages sent through each artist varies from tribe to tribe.

Left: David R Horton, creator, © Aboriginal Studies Press, AIATSIS and Auslig/Sinclair, Knight, Merz, 1996.

In my culture, because I am a native descendant from the saltwater and desert tribes, I am able to share stories and use designs relevant to these geographical areas.  These are the boundaries and are as far as my Aboriginal art designings go.  Today, with modern technology and materials, we are able to use different methods and materials to achieve sharing our cultural knowledge’s we inherited and experience within our tribe. Jackson's Drawing's is my local art supplier.

Right: Map to Jackson's Drawings

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Above: My mum and dad

When I first began to paint professionally to share my cultural talents and knowledge to the public, I needed to be certain that I painted my identity at all times.  This process was very time consuming being a young fluent artist, as I wanted to paint anything and everything.  To get my designs right culturally, I sat in front of my mother and father and painted days on end.  Some days they too sat there and drew cultural shapes and designs with.  With lots of ups and downs, this process was educational and inspirational at the same time as they were the key to my success as a determined Aboriginal Artists.  Now when I paint, not only my family but my tribe can be identified and relate to the knowledge’s shared throughout my designs.

Today, my designs have progressed towards having significant meanings that connects me to my country which shows my identity as an Aboriginal person.  Firstly, the undercoat takes process of land markings, followed by flora or fauna designs within that country.  Each piece of artwork comprised of an important event which takes form of a visual arts diary.   

Right: Final piece of Large Boab Tree Painting copywrite Natasha Lloyd 2013


Most of my designs are hand painted using acrylic paint on canvas suitable for framing.  The designs I used are vibrant and happy feel good designs.  I based my art on this notion to share some cultural information with you about our relationship to country.  To have a look at some of my designs watch the following video clip.

Left: Is a Video of Previous Art Works

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